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    Humpback Lake Chalet Trip Checklist Download printable PDF
    The information located on this checklist will assist you in being the most prepared for your trip planning. It would be helpful to consult with us prior to booking your transport into Ketchikan. We will make every attempt to accommodate your desired dates of travel.
    Lake Destination: Humpback Lake Chalet Alaska Airlines - 1.800.252.7522
    Arrival Time: ______________ Arrival Date: ______________ Fight # _______
    Departure Time: ______________ Departure Date: ______________ Fight # _______
    Passenger Names:  
    ___________________________________________ Body Weight in #s _________
    ___________________________________________ Body Weight in #s _________
    ___________________________________________ Body Weight in #s _________
    ___________________________________________ Body Weight in #s _________
    Contact your air carrier for specific loading perimeters based on your specific trip (Taquan Air 1.800.770.8800). The following list is of recommended items based on the loading perimeters for one aircraft. Alaska Wilderness Outfitting can assist you with many items not found at the cabin as well as with Emergency Locator Transmitters that they have available.

    Items provided by Sportsman Paradise Tours
    at the Humpback Chalet

    Items Recommended by Sportsman Paradise Tours

    • Fuel for lantern and stove
    • Matches
    • Wood and axes
    • Cooking stove
    • Lantern, mantels, Blazo, or Coleman fuel
    • Dishes, bowls, plates, cups
    • Pot with lid, skillet, and sauce pan for heating water
      and cooking
    • Cooking utensils, silverware, can opener, and sharp knife
    • Dish towels, pot holders, and dish soap
    • Life Jackets/Floatation Devices
    • Barbeque
    • Paper towels & toilet paper
    • 2 skiffs with oars
    • First Aid Kit
    • Flares
    • 2 Ice Chests with food (bring extra food in case
      of weather deterioration)
    • Briquettes, lighter fluid, lighter and waterproof matches
    • Air mattress or sleeping pads
    • Sleeping bags
    • Storage container for water
    • Coffee pot
    • Towels for bathing and bar soap
    • Scrubber for dishes
    • Fishing pole, fillet knife and gear
    • Compass
    • Insect Repellent
    • Personal hygiene products
    • Local maps
    • Binoculars & Camera
    • Space blanket and energy foods
    • (1-2) 4hp Outboard Motor with fuel
    • ELT – Emergency Locator Transmitter
      (Can be rented and are required)
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